It’s again the time of year where Weedy Lots become an issue in Glasgow. Included on this page is a sample of the letter that the City of Glasgow is sending out to those they feel have violated the weedy lot ordinance.


Dear Property Owner:

You are the record owner of the property listed below:

* In this section, the address of the property in violation will be listed, as well as the exact
Location, such as Township, Range, Section, Block & lot. Also listed will be the tax code identification*

Because of the growth of “nuisance weeds” on the property, you are in violation of Ordinance No. 936, City Code Section 10-21. This is your notice to cut and remove the nuisance weeds from the property within seven (7) days.

If you do not cut and remove the nuisance weeds within the seven (7) day period, the City may cut and remove them and the cost will be charged to you and if not paid, it will be assessed against the property. The charge will include the cost of cutting and removal, @ 25% administrative fee, and a penalty of $25.00 for the first violation, $50.00 for the second violation and $75.00 for the 3rd subsequent violation. Copies of the City Code Sections 10-20 through 10-24 are enclosed for your use.

*Included will be a photograph of the
Property in violation. *

If you have any questions, you may call Christine Gamas @ 406-228-4333 regarding weedy lots.

Junk Vehicle/Weedy Lot Program Manager Christine Gamas





SECTION 1. Code section 10-20 is amended to state as follows:

Sec. 10-20         Nuisance weeds defined.

Nuisance weeds are all weeds, grass, and uncared for vegetation growing to a height
In excess of eight (8) inches on premises located within the city.

SECTION 2. Code section 10-21 is amended to state as follows:

Sec. 10-21         Nuisance weeds deemed a nuisance.

It is a public offense punishable under general penalty provided in Sec. 1-6, and it is a nuisance for any person. firm, or corporation to maintain cause, permit or suffer any growth to of nuisance weeds as define in Sec. 10-20 to exist in or upon any premises in the city owned by such a person, firm or corporation, or upon boulevards or the one-half of any public roads, streets, or alleys adjacent thereto.

SECTION 3. Code Section 10-22 is amended to state as follows:

Sec. 10-22         Violation-Notice-Removal by City.

It shall be the duty of the Director of Public Works/ Chief of Police or authorized representative to enforce the provisions of this Chapter, and upon determination that a violation exists, shall ascertain the name and mailing address of the owner of the premises, and the description of the premises where the violation exists. The name and mailing address may be obtained from the current assessment list maintained by the Montana Department of Revenue and/or the Valley County Treasurer at their offices in the Valley County Courthouse. Written notice of violation shall be served upon the owner directing that the nuisance weeds be cut and removed from the premises within sever (7) days or the City will cause the nuisance weeds to be removed, with the cost thereof charged against the owner.

(3)  Notice of violation shall be made by either:

a. Posting a notice of the notice on the premises; or
b. Mailing a copy of the notice to the owner by first class United States Mail.
c. The notice shall be deemed complete on the day the notice is posted or mailed.

SECTION 4. Code section 10-23 is amended to state as follows:

Section 10-23:        Failure to comply with notice.

(1) Upon first failure to comply with the notice provided for in Sec 10-22, the City may by it’s own forces or by contract cause the weeds to be cut and/or removed, and the cost thereof shall be assessed against non-complying real property together with an administrative fee equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the cutting and/or removal cost and a penalty of &25.00 for the first time the City provides cutting/removal, $50,00 for the second time the City provides cutting/removal, and $75.00 for the third and any subsequent times the City provides cutting/removal in a calendar year.

(2) If the owner of any parcel continues to allow nuisance weeds to grow in violation
of this Chapter after the City has cut and/or removed at that same parcel within
the proceeding 12 months, the City may at it’s sole discretion, cut and/or remove
the weeds again as needed without any additional notice to the owner

(3) Payment for removing nuisance weeds shall be made to the City Clerk-Treasurer
Within 15 days after the billing date. If such payment is not made, such costs,
Including administrative fee and penalty, can be assessed against the property.

SECTION 5 A new code section is added which states as follows:

Section 10-24.         Assessment

(1) Annually the City shall prepare a list of all lots, tracts, and parcels of real property within the City from which weeds were cut/removed by the city, and for which such charges and penalties have not yet been paid, which list shall include the following:

a. Owner’s name as shown on the tax rolls and common address if known;
b. Tax Code number of the property;
c. Legal description of the lot, tract, or parcel;
d. Cost of the weed removal for that property;
e. Administrative costs: and
f. Penalty or penalties.

(2) The assessment list shall be incorporated into a special assessment resolution
which shall be presented to the City Council. From and after passage of resolution,
the assessments stated therein together with the Administrative costs and penalty
shall constitute a special tax as provided in Montana Code Annotated (MCA)
Section 7-22-4101, and a lien on the real property shown on the assessment
List. A copy of the Resolution after passage shall be certified to the official collecting
the City’s taxes and assessments.